PLEASE NOTE: this product is shipped directly from my supplier so delivery estimates may vary. Please allow a longer time period for shipping to avoid disappointment.Equitox is an Australian Made activated carbon and is a "must have" product to have at the stables. Activated carbon is a great product to have in the stables. Not only can it be used as an emergency treatment for poisoning and grain overload, regular use may help treat other gastrointestinal issues. Activated carbon acts like a big sponge and absorbs the toxins so they can safely be passed through the animal. There are many conditions in horses which are caused by or aggravated by the presence of toxins in the gut. The removal of these toxins with Activated Carbon may help to relieve symptoms. The use of activated carbon may help:Prevent and treat LaminitisPrevent and treat ARGTTreat poisoning from grain overloadTreat poisoning from other substances including blue-green algaePrevent and treat of scouring (diarrhoea) Weight gainTo have a healthy coat, mane and tail (and no more poo stains)To reduce gasTo balance your horses gutTo improve performanceMake your horse less "fizzy"Can be used as a wound dressingMost triggers of laminitis involve the build up of toxins in the gut. The use of activated carbon may help to prevent the build up of these toxins and prevent the onset of laminitis in horses. The activated carbon is made in Perth, WA so your purchase is supporting an Australian based-business. The activated carbon is a premium product which has been manufactured to the highest standards including for human use. It doesn't have harmful chemicals and antibiotics that are in many other products which are used to treat the same ailments and it has no nasty side effects.  Large doses MAY cause constipation in rare cases.The use of activated carbon is not a substitute for proper nutritional or veterinary advice. Please contact your vet before using activated carbon if your horse is on medications. Feed 18gm (54ml) per 300kg horse per dayFeed 24gm (72ml) per 400kg horse per dayFeed 30gm (90ml) per 500kg horse per dayFeed 36gm (108ml) per 600kg horse per dayPlease use 'free shipping' option at the checkout to receive free shipping for Equitox!

Equitox Activated Carbon

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