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Equitox Activated Carbon

Replaced omeprazole with this and got the same results. Have been using it for years to stop scouring among other things. Have even used it on the dogs when they've eaten things they shouldn't have! - Karrie Louden



Great product, stopped the scouring in the horses and I even use it on the dogs! - Ross Williamson



OMG! I have had my big TB who is prone to ulcers and windsucks on Equitox. 1 week later and he hasn't windsucked in nearly 3 days. He has also started to get his topline back too, amazing! - Rahni Harrison



Love Equitox, it's done wonders for my horse - was skeptical at first but has made a huge difference to his red and runny eyes! - Amanda C Findlater



This stuff is amazing! Cleared up thrush in my horse's feet when I had tried everything else, and not to forget the shine and weight gain on my horse! - Genine Jackson


Bee Kind Products

"Your product is so amazing and I am so happy that I found out about your soap! After just one wash with your soap, she never comes this clean!" - Ashley Turner

"I turned to these soap bars as I felt other whitening and cleansing products were too harsh and stripped the horse's natural oils from the skin. I have yet to find a better product that whitens socks this well" - Michelle Catton

EquiFUSE Products

This is the best leave in tail product I've ever used, doesn't attract dirt, hydrates and leaves the tail so shiny. And it smells fabulous. (Erin)



I have been using this product to detangle and add shine to my mare's feathers, tail and mane. It does a great job and it is b/c if it that I have started to use the entire line! Together they all work wonderers! (Cami Perryman)



I came across EquiFUSE at Midwest Horse Fair in Madison. I had intentions of buying shampoo at the fair, but was so glad I bought EquiFUSE! I love all of the shampoos and conditioners, but GLEAM has worked wonders on my horses tail! (She doesn't have a mane). Every time I use GLEAM on my mares tail, it becomes softer and detangled. She is a pasture horse, so her tail can become quite brittle. GLEAM has saved the day. I split the bottle between myself and two friends. Bought it in April and we have just now run out, that's almost a year! Product last long, helps create healthy hair, and makes it shine like no other! (Megan)



I have a Percheron/Quarter Horse cross with an extremely dry mane and tail....but not with regular use of Gleam!! His mane/tail is shiny, soft, easily brushed and braided with the help of a small amount of Gleam. A little goes a long way and smells delicious!! (Scott Macguire)



I started using gleam in September when I got a project horse in with absolutely no mane or tail. Shortly after I began using equifuse I noticed a shinier healthier coat and mane/tail growth. 3 months later I had people asking if it was the same horse and commenting on how great his mane/tail and coat looked. His tail is now thick and dragging the ground. His mane is a normal length meaning it grew at least 12 inches if not more. I am just amazed at what equifuse can do for horses and even humans. 5star and a big thanks (Kylea)


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Brian Bell

Mandy Porter

Chuy Chavez​

Candice King

Jaime Higgins

Warwick Schiller

Bruce Griffin

Samantha & CJ Vansickle

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